Courtney Bier

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by Curated by Courtney. I, Courtney, live and breathe this digital space and there is truly no other way I would prefer to spend my time.

I am your typical twenty-something trying to find her way in this crazy world! I am originally from Houston, Texas and am currently residing in Dallas, Texas. I attended Texas Tech University (wreck em’) and graduated in December of 2014 with a degree in Public Relations.

I am an undiagnosed coffee addict. I absolutely loooooove writing (in case you cannot tell!), yoga is my favorite past time and I like running as well. I taught myself how to cook at 16, and teach myself how to cook new things constantly. There is nothing better to me than being outside on a sunny day! I love being outside, no matter the occasion, I am a happy camper! My three favorite foods are avocados, almonds and pizza. Quite the mix huh? I am a health nut (minus the pizza……) and a clean freak. I undoubtedly got the second one from my father. I love to travel and see the world. I went to Europe in May of 2015 and absolutely fell in love with London. I have never been somewhere I was more infatuated with.

I could honestly go on and on about my life experiences but I will spare you the paragraphs!

If you ever want to chat feel free to email me at, I would love to hear from you!

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