Travel Essentials

Seeing the world is my all time favorite hobby. There is nothing which makes me more excited than breathing air in an unfamiliar place. So many people get stressed out from traveling and I completely understand how it can make your head spin. Throughout my days of travel, many spent in airports, planes, trains, cars, boats, you name it – I have discovered travel essentials which are truly a lifesaver.

Bose headphones are essential for long flights! I received these as a gift and am not sure how I ever survived a flight without them. They also fold-up so can easily stick them in your purse.

Shoes will make or break your day when traveling – comfort is key! I always go for a pair of flats or sneakers. They are quick to take off in the security line too. One time I made the mistake of wearing lace-up gladiators and it was quite the show.

I am a coconut oil addict as you all know. The second I found one-time use coconut oil packets I freaked out. Flying takes all the moisture out of your skin and your hair. In my daily life and especially with traveling, I use coconut oil for everything.

See more items which have found a frequent spot in my suitcase below.